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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Aberdeen Grain is a farmer owned, grain co-operative based in Aberdeenshire. We have facilities to dry and store over 65 000 tonnes of grain each year.

Aberdeen Grain also guarantees to sell your barley, OSR and oats to its wide range of customers, who value the continuity of supply that we can provide.

Currently we have over 180 active members who benefit from our state of the art drying and storage facilities. We welcome membership enquiries at any time. To learn more about how Aberdeen Grain can meet your needs in grain drying, storage and marketing, please contact aginfo@aberdeengrain.co.uk


  • Collection within 3 days means no need to condition grain. Handling is organised and undertaken by Aberdeen Grain on your behalf
  • Management at Harvest. Our intake capacity of 200 tph means that we can turn around grain very quickly and efficiently
  • We sell grain throughout the year, storing it until it is required
  • We can store the grain to meet demand, until it is required, ensuring continuity of supply for the customer and making our grain more attractive to buy
  • Our sales and marketing agents work with large customers. Their knowledge of the industry means that we can get the best price available
  • Our experienced staff know how to handle grain, drying it with high quality equipment at a lower price than on farm drying.  It is then stored in our TASCC certified stores until required by the customer