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Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Traceability and provenance is increasingly important in the food industry. With this in mind, a quality management system has been established in place at Aberdeen Grain to ensure the quality and traceability of all products. The company is fully accredited under Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC).

Servicing our stakeholders to the highest levels possible is critical to the long term success of Aberdeen Grain. Our Member Service Plan identifies key areas, externally and internally that we monitor in order to ensure that we continue to provide a first class service to all. We report on our performance against the Service Plan every year at the post harvest meeting.

For more information on how our Member Service Plan works, please contact us on aginfo@aberdeengrain.co.uk

In order to ensure that our equipment is correctly calibrated and our processes working correctly, we belong to two proficiency schemes. These allow us to compare our results on a reference sample with a number of other laboratories. By participating in these schemes, we can demonstrate to customers, members and regulatory bodies the validity of our results.

Training and competency checks aim to minimise inaccuracies caused by operator or equipment. Well documented validated methods are used with control samples to monitor day to day performance.