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Our Store

Our Store

Our storage is audited annually with Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). These strict guidelines ensure that not only are our grain protected from containments, they are kept in conditions that ensure they are in the best possible condition when they arrive at their end user.

Storage of grain requires specialist facilities. As our grain is a foodstuff, where and how it is stored is strictly controlled by legislation.

Aberdeen Grain has invested in storage facilities.  It can store up to 65 000 tonnes which makes it one of the UK’s largest grain co-operatives. We are TASCC certified.

Our staff maintain the store to the standards required for long term grain storage, enabling us to store grain until it is required by the customer means security for the grower.  There is no pressure to sell at harvest. During storage the grain is continually monitored to minimise rejections.

Our TASCC certified storage removes the financial burden on individual farmers to maintain such a high level of storage and our staff understand and work with the regulations.  All this helps ensure that the grain remains in the best possible condition.