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Malting Barley Tests

Malting Barley Tests

All our malting barley is analysed using the following tests on intake, despatch and at least once a month during storage:

  • Infratec analysis gives moisture and nitrogen levels
  • Screenings to measure admix and grain size
  • Rapid Staining Tetrazolium test for germination levels

On intake, nitrogen and germination are used to determine the quality and consequently which bulk the grain will be stored in. All the malting barley is dressed and dried to between 12-14% mc on intake and regularly tested throughout storage duration, therefore the despatch moisture check and screenings are a final guarantee quality check for us and for consumers.

During storage time additional tests are carried out to test dormancy and germination:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Test is a more accurate germination test
  • Germanative Energy and Water Sensitivity is used to measure dormancy

Dormancy is a natural condition that prevents germination until seeds are under optimal environmental conditions. Malting Barley remains dormant during winter months, coming out of dormancy in Spring when soil temperatures and moisture conditions are suited for cellular processes and division.