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“A big plus of being a member of Aberdeen Grain is that I know my malting barley will always find a market. There is none of the uncertainty I used to have.”

“I couldn’t contemplate a harvest now without Aberdeen Grain. Getting grain uplifted is no problem. They’ll organise the transport, it couldn’t be easier.”

“In 2005, sprouting amongst OSR was a major problem due to the wet autumn in the north-east. The trade were deducting £60/t straight o due to sprouted rape, however Aberdeen Grain deducted only £7/t – this saved me £13,250!”

“I have learned over time to leave grain marketing to the professionals. Aberdeen Grain always get a better price than I could have done myself.”

“I first joined AG to handle my OSR as we couldn’t handle rape at home. They now dry, store and market all my malting barley and wheat. So much so I now don’t sell anything o -farm except through AG.”