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Biomass System

Biomass System

Aberdeen grain is committed to providing members with the most efficient service possible.

As our dryers used gasoil, fossil fuel was one of our highest variable costs and was likely to increase as a result of our planned expansion.

Investing in a biomass generation system gave us better control of our generating costs, and lowered the carbon footprint of our grain. It was funded by individual members investing in the project.

A Topling SASP system was installed next to the Cimbria Dryers. The 6MW system was designed to power these as the three dryers worked as a single unit and therefore have the greatest single fuel requirement.

In 2016, the system output was increased to 8MW and the extra capacity powers the Alvan Blanch Dryer.

It was installed during the early part of 2014 and has played a major part in the drying of the grain from all harvests since.