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Why Aberdeen Grain?

Why Aberdeen Grain?

At Aberdeen Grain, we have streamlined the testing, intake, storage and marketing processes so that all areas work as efficiently as possible. By working together, we can reduce costs through issues such as rejections, double handling, haulage and drying.

Aberdeen Grain have a strategic partnership with Frontier Agriculture Ltd to market members’ crops.

Frontier is the UK's leading crop inputs and grain marketing business.  It values its close customer relationships with farmers and grain consumers  and aims to aid successful management of the whole arable supply chain.

Overall site capacity is now 65,000 tonnes including the additional storage completed in 2011. The capacity of the processing equipment that is installed is the factor that offers the most significant benefits to members.

Intake Facilities
Aberdeen Grain has a 600tph intake capacity ensuring quick turn round of vehicles and the ability to ensure a maximum 72 hour collection from time of combining over the harvest period.

Drying Facilities
We have a malting barley drying capacity of 3000 tonnes per day. There are a total of 5 driers on site providing a highly efficient and environmentally beneficial grain conditioning solution for growers.
Below are some statistics from this year's harvest:

  • Most loads collected from 1 member in a day: 8 (236 Tonnes)
  • Average uplift days: 1.5
  • Average turnaround time on site: Malting Barley 31 minutes Average turnaround time on site: Feed Grains 33 minutes
  • Most loads delivered by 1 lorry in a day: 6
  • Average Spring Barley intake moisture: 17.57%
  • Busiest intake day 20th September: 2479 T

Traceability and provenance is increasingly important in the food industry. With this in mind, there are strict procedures in place at Aberdeen Grain to ensure the quality and traceability of all products. The company is fully accredited under Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). Servicing our stakeholders to the highest levels possible is critical to the long term success of Aberdeen Grain. Our Member Service Plan identifies key areas, externally and internally that we can monitor in order to ensure that we continue to provide a first class service to all.

We monitor these key factors through a combination of members' surveys, feedback from other stakeholders and internal information. We will then use this information to plan for future improvements to our service.


  • Clearly communicate harvest procedures for members, staff  & hauliers
  • Clearly communicate harvest and varietal intake times
  • Ensure prior arrangement of haulage takes place with members prior to uplift
  • Hauliers wagons must be clean and tidy with drivers polite at all times
  • Collection within 3 days of harvest wherever possible
  • Minimise intake turnaround times on site
  • Minimise loading times on members farms
  • Paperwork sent to members should be clear and accurate
  • Aberdeen Grain future development is clearly communicated to all stakeholders
  • Contact by all stakeholders with the Aberdeen Grain office and staff should always be positive and helpful